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Hello. My name is Addilyn and I’m one of the girls in Independent Escort Istanbul. Working in the escort, I became more relaxed. I used to be a very shy and quiet girl, no one noticed me. Now I have learned to communicate with people correctly, I’m not afraid of new acquaintances and I have got many friends.

Blonde Istanbul Escort Girl

I really like the job in the escort. Firstly, I get a good salary and in the second I have enough time for rest and fulfillment of my own desires. For example, recently I was on a safari. I saw wild and dangerous animals. First it was scary, but then I calmed down and made a lot of beautiful photos, which then showed the girls from the escort Istanbul.
Actually, I really like this type of excursion. Some people on the safari can hunt, but I do not approve of it, it seems to me barbaric. Also I’m very sorry for animals in zoos. When they are surrounded by a cage and do not see anything else, only the faces of people who look greedily at these unfortunate animals change. In my opinion, it is necessary to do more such reserves, where animals will be in their natural area of offense.
Possibly, I will earn a lot of money and make a donation to such project. After all, we must take care of animals. People change the planet very much, adjust it to their needs, completely forgetting that this planet does not belong to them and there are many other organisms that share this house with us. The fact that I’m a fighter for nature you already understood and need to tell you something else.
Also I like to travel, learn new cultures and countries. I want to visit every corner of this planet, because it is very beautiful and colorful. Although this is a very commonplace desire, most of the world’s population want the same. Therefore, I think that I already have one common interest with you, so come to the escort of Istanbul to get acquainted with me and organize a general adventure.

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