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Holga has that traditional Slavic beauty in her with a hair that smells like sea shore after a rain. She grew up in the Crimea, away looking east across the sea wandering what her life would be like in Turkey. Now when she finally moved here Holga take her life at the fullest living a dream if a best female Istanbul escort, meeting interesting men, clubbing with friends and learning language.

Escort Istanbul Holga

Like most of the newcomer escort girls she enjoys the ethnicity and raw culture experience she has at the old streets of Sultanahmet or Sirkeci closer to visit most famous historic spots. Spending days learning Turkish language and succeeds in it pretty quickly, which is strange since Holga didn’t knew she was so good at languages. Istanbul has a very similar to Krimea landscape, that’s why she feels like home here and reminds her of childhood and first love. It reminds her of baklava that her grandma as making, Holga loves everything sweet and likes it when her client treats her right and spoils with presents and candies.
She is very communicative girl and loves to learn everything new, although Holga has lots of mostly male friends and clients she enjoys company of other Istanbul escort girls especially when they are meeting at a big fancy parties working with clients.
She is an adventurer and an intriguer that cherishes other cultures, looking for comfort and confidence in men but also ready to take women. Holga is a very open minded escort with lots of possibilities, likes playing in bed, but stays classy at hotel bar.
Her new hobby includes jewelry making, Holga dreams of opening her own shop, but for now she just studies hard and puts all of her energy into making it thou graduation school. As an Istanbul escort she get inspired a lot and knows what gifts women of her position would like to receive. She is a great consultant and would make a vise businesswoman.

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