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A girl with fiery heart, Liana does not afraid to push boundaries and behaves openly ovesexual attracting men with her looks and keeping them with intelligence and sense on humor. Her mother gave her a great present of exotic appearance, with strawberry blond hair and the body of a twerk dancer Liana Istanbul escort with lots of potential of becoming an extraordinary mistress in Sultans harem.

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Intriguing patterns of tattoos giving her clients a great view at her back, Liana is indeed taking care for herself and treating her body like an art canvas. Liana can to Istanbul already prepared to become an awesome Istanbul girl escort, she traveled a lot, saw the world, made a lots of international friends that now often com visit her in her high class apartment. Her clients are safe in hands of talented courtesan.
Liana is famous for her capability of seducing any kind of men, giving him pleasure he can’t get with any other Istanbul female escort in town. Applying ancient seductive techniques such as usage of pheromones, knowledge of belly dancing and Kama Sutra together with contemporary ones. Liana Istanbul escort combines those approach with modern ones from grapefruit oral sex (which supposedly fells like a real thing) to sex painting. As any good call girl Istanbul she won’t deny her client any kind of a sexy kink, as we may say so she also has a few of her own hot bed kinks she tried at boarding school with her girlfriends back in a day.
Seldom that it is she gets boring of the amazing Turkish weather and sea view, liana with her other escort girlfriend go out looking for adrenalin in sports like skydiving and hot air balloon travels. In Turkey Liana find her inner peace and decided to stay here permanently, studying, working on her projects and hobbies, taking regular men as mistress of the night Istanbul.

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