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Malena just like her Spanish name is spicy and interesting escort to be around with. Talented in everything, she portrays early morning Istanbul in her watercolors as half fairyland city with she sales and exhibits in art galleries. Malenas pseudonym is very famous in art circles amount collectors and critics acclaiming that by this escort Istanbul never looked more mysterious and peaceful as by her brush.

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Recently since she moved to loud and noisy bank of Bosphorus, Malena sometimes misses her quite meditation sessions on Bali, but compensating it by trying to live zero waste life. During her drawing time spended at the sea she made friends with local yogis, now they together doing volunteer work and teaching others being more environmentally friendly. Since she’s vegetarian and using only green products Malena looks fantastic with gloving skin and sparkle in her eyes, now she shares that sparkle as a very spiritual Istanbul escort driving men crazy with her natural body fragrance.
Her usual morning routine consisting of light breakfast looking at the sunrise, then drawing (she never misses a day), sport time mostly pole dancing and arielles on a silk scarf and light dinner for night full of heavy breathing. You are welcome to join her and visit a great apartment that Malena turned into a real greenhouse full of plants that represent love and passion. Some of them even strong aphrodisiacs, but she doesn’t need that – Malena is self-sufficient escort Istanbul offers to open minded men and women.
Miracle of a girl Malena get most of her inspiration to work on a painting from her clients and people she meet at farmers markets where she goes frequently. In a search for vivid colors, smells and personalities for her emotional palette of an Istanbul escort. With which she later draws a feelings and emotions you experience by looking at her art works.

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