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Hi, my name is Nicole. If you feel that you don’t have enough inspiration in life, then I can become the perfect muse for you. I really like creative people. Artists, musicians, writers, designers and directors, they all have a very deep inner world and that’s why I like to communicate with them. But it takes a very long time to understand their feelings and sometimes the thoughts of creative people seem to me crazy, but it doesn’t scare me. I think it’s because I’m a bit like them.

Russian Escort Istanbul

If I didn’t work in Russian Escort Istanbul, I could be an excellent writer or actress. Before going to bed, I imagine myself to be a famous writer, like Joanne Rowling, it seems that the whole world knows this woman. That I live somewhere near the ocean, and when the sun goes down, I see a beautiful sunset.
Then I pour a glass of red wine and start writing the next chapter of my book. In another dream I see myself on the set of a romantic film with a handsome partner. We play lovers who can’t live without each other. Do not think that I’m complaining, I like my job at Istanbul’s escort. I just have a very good imagination and I like to use it. It’s because I read books often, especially romance novels.
Tell me, what kind of girl doesn’t want to meet a prince on a white horse or just a good guy who will take care of her? Therefore, I want to find a sensitive and good man who can give me all his love and passion. When I’ll be sad, he will watch with me black and white films about love and eat chocolate ice cream or we’ll order pizza and watch Hitchcock’s horror movies. I hope that one day I will find my love.
Now I have a wonderful job in escort Istanbul, thanks to this, I constantly meet interesting people and enjoy my life. I’m young, beautiful and full of energy girl, like all the other girls in escort Istanbul, so come to us. Let’s have fun and enjoy this life together.

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