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If you want to be tutored by a naughty teacher a lesson of love and lust Nikita is the right Istanbul escort to give lessons on affection. Don’t be mistaken by her beauty this girl has medical degree and can look deep into souls and passions of her clients. As traveling been a big part of Nikitas life, she visited more than a hungered countries always searching for love and learning seductive techniques from the ancient manuscripts written by Emperors concubines and mistresses.

Nikita escort Istanbul

Her most recent research is her travel from India where she conducted biggest amount of her vacation time at famous Love Temple meditating and reading books written by a most famous Maharaja Kishan Singh mistress, a book not just on lovemaking but on relationships, traditions and art of conversation.
Among many other hobbies, Nikita enjoys aristocratic sports like horseback riding that helps keep that royally posture of hers and at tennis court where she meets her male clients looking ravishing in short skirt and slightly sweaty. On lazy days Nikita likes jogging with another high class escort girlfriends, drinking mimosas or just stay in bed the whole time reading modern Turkish authors getting educated. That’s why even with female escort Istanbul has to offer you will be surely treated at a high level having a great, funny and intelligent interlocutor.
At late evenings you usually can find her sitting in some underground bar reading a book and drinking her signature cocktail being completely dreamy and emerged in life of a 19th century young couple in love, each time worrying will they stay together at the last pages of a book.
Nikita is a dreamy Istanbul escort always with her head in the clouds, creating playlists for her seductive dances, looking for love and ready to give her knowledge of seduction.

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