Regina escort in Istanbul

A tall sportive girl, with her pretty head always full of drams and plans, she likes challenging herself by trying new things every month. When she was younger Regina didn’t plan to become an Istanbul escort she wanted to work in circus training little dogs, then she started traveling, came to Istanbul, made some friends and now in Turkey Regina volunteers in shelters for pets.

Regina escort Istanbul

Her main job is training young inexperienced models, it evolved from time when she was spotted by her agent at the streets of Venice and invited her to Istanbul for modeling contact. Now Regina knows all the best ambitious models in the industry and introduces some of them to her escort Istanbul man.
Her clients loosing themselves in Regina’s mesmerizing eyes the color of the Caribbean sea, just like it she’s deep, moody but very honest and transparent. Regina just like her name is demanding, bossy and dominant in relationships. She likes to play with men, teasing them with her body but never letting too close, maybe you will be that man that will melt heart of this Istanbul female escort.
Interested in Japanese seductive techniques Regina found a way to combine her acrobatics circus experience and apply it in her favorite shibari role playing. She even hosting themed parties for clients together with another Istanbul escort girlfriends they experimenting, trying new things and exchanging impressions.
On her free time Regina keeps herself busy by always running some arranges, going to sports club, or walking in a park and shopping designer clothes for her favorite pet Chivas. If Regina is out of town she’s most likely traveling with her new intimate male friend or modeling at the biggest fashion vents of Istanbul where lots of famous and influential men with finest Istanbul escort spending their nights.

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