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There are some girls in this world one look at them gives cozy ball of fluff vibes – well Shakira is one of them, she is that type of girl whose innocence combined with smashing body will knockdown any men she lays her eyes on. Living her traveling life Shakira came to Istanbul knowing she wanted to become Istanbul best dancer as her body was just built for belly dancing. As soon as she became off age, Shakira booked a flight to Turkey, her school gymnastics day were past and a whole life full of interesting men and love awaited her here.

Escort Istanbul Shakira

Now her blond hair and innocence on the surface distinguishing her from other Istanbul female escorts, but a fiery temper underneath makes men tremble when she opens up as a beautiful blooming flower behind the closed doors of bedroom. Her flexibility will take you by surprise, this escort Istanbul girl takes requests and like showing off her flexibility in public by dancing ballet in underground and doing complicated splits at university cafeteria. One of her recent hobbies that she picked up while traveling with a client in India is yoga.  Shakira takes her interests outside of escort business seriously, spending a lot of time meditating, practicing tantric sex techniques and posting breathtaking pictures of what her body capable of doing on social media.
Like many other Istanbul escort Shakira enjoys shopping, she is a known fashionista. Being model at such young age and with such amazing body, Turkish designers want her in their shows which lead to her making lots of new friends in high society and among stars. Almost every weekend she spend with her public friends and their high class escorts partying, traveling or just chilling out in most popular and exclusive places in Istanbul. You can easily spot Shakira at various night clubs wearing her trademark fedora that puts her in a stylish section of high class escort in Istanbul, girls with taste and charm.

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