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My motto is: “”In this life you need to try and see everything!””. This is exactly what I do in my life. After all, the world is huge, interesting and diverse, there are so many things to learn, but we don’t have much time. Therefore, I spend every minute with profit, doing something developing or exciting.

Italian escort Istanbul Amya

My name is Amya and almost all my life I traveled to various countries. All of them are distinguished by their culture, architecture, traditions. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the country-museum of Europe. Italy gave us a lot of wonderful artists, architects, engineers and inventors. For example, Leonardo da Vinci. But most of all I love Italy for the fact that she gave the world such dishes as pizza. The first pizza was made in Naples in 1830. The first time pizza was food for the poor, but later Queen Margarita tried it and pizza became very popular. Especially for the queen was made pizza from products of the color of the Italian flag: tomato, fresh basil, white mozzarella cheese.
But enough to talk about history, I need to say a little about myself. I traveled a lot, but now I decided to stop in Istanbul. I found an excellent job here in Taksim Escort. This is really good work, because I communicate with different people and learn a lot of new things. Thanks to escort in Istanbul, I realized that I love to study not only countries and their culture, but also people and their desires. I get good money on this job, so if I suddenly want to travel again, I can go to any country. Perhaps, in this work I meet someone who wants to see the world together with me. Another good thing about work in Istanbul escort is that I found good friends here. Escort girl Istanbul are very nice, beautiful, fun and always ready to help.
I will be glad to new acquaintances and friends, we all sometimes feel lonely in a huge city, so let’s have fun together.

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