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Hey. My name is Brooklyn and I’m one of the girls in the International Escort Istanbul. I’m a very gentle and cheerful girl. I like to read books about love and take a hot bath. Once I took a vacation at my job in an escort and went to Italy with friends. We were sitting in a cafe at the table, drinking hot tea.

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Opposite the table sat an old man and woman and hugged. The cafe was very cozy, pleasant music played, and behind the springs of the couple opened a fantastic view of the mountains. The couple was so calm, smiling and friendly. They sat and talked to each other and it looked so sweet and sincere. I caught myself thinking that no matter how much money I wanted to work and how many of my fantasies come to life, I will always lack of love.
I adore my youth and temperament, my desire to live and create, I love my job in the escort of Istanbul, but I understand that after many years, I want to also sit with my future husband in a cafe on the edge of the world and look at each other with enamored eyes.
I think that every girl dreams about it. I like to travel, but I always want to share these feelings of delight and see something new with my beloved person. I want to make many beautiful and romantic photos that will raise my spirits when I feel sad.
But now I don’t have a boyfriend, and I give my love and care to my dog. I really love animals, especially dogs, because they are so kind, friendly and faithful. Many people lack these human qualities. And I also have a collection of wines, I bring a bottle of a new wine from each of my trips. Sometimes my girls who work in escort come to me and I open a bottle of wine. In such evenings we talk about the most important things, such as love, health, family, children. But of course we have time to laugh and have fun.
So let’s have fun together while we are young and free. I’m waiting for you in escort Istanbul, see you.”

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