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Violetta is a girl of a colorful nature and duplicity in her. Studied computer science, adventurous and modern – she is an Istanbul escort that loves going on dates and registered at almost every dating website that there is. One of hr specialties is that she is very much into making movies and even directed a short movie about two women’s love adventures in Turkey.

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Violetta has that Slavic beauty in her that other escort in Istanbul is jealous of, but a very eastern temper that local man find charming. She specializes in intriguing her client with cold attitude but warms them up with sweet words and attractive model looking body. Grunge princess with hacking skills an easily hack into your heart. As any good Istanbul escort Violetta does a lot of sport activities to keep her gorgeous body in shape, her high school cheerleading past helps her to keep that waist tiny. Violetta is a luxurious escort and one of the best which requires her clients to also be on the same level as her both physically and mentally, and his girl reeds literary everything, you won’t get bored with Violetta by your side.
One of her many luxurious toys include a motorcycle she both herself on her 21 birthday and on which she looks unreasonably good in leather jacket and boots. On weekends she is usually goes on a blind dates just to play with the pour guy, the real suitors she finds thou her escort in Istanbul profile.
One thing about Violeta that distinguishes her from other call girl in Istanbul is that she is one of the types of bad girls doing the right thing kind. Off hours she loves pets and even thou she can’t have one that does not stop her from volunteer work, helping charities, organizing various galas where her regular successful clients gather for a good cause helping nice puppies. Every day this girl with the heart of gold finds time to feed and pet homeless dogs at hr neighborhood.

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