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Stylish but provocatively attractive, Vlada is a new, hot escort Istanbul is fascinated by. Fashion society getting tired from typical long legged blonde cover girl and managers in the industry are looking for someone new, fresh with unique personality. And Vlada is one of the new wave strong character escort girls, giving mysterious even dark vibes that attracting their man-preys so much.

Istanbul escort Vlada

Vlada has something magnetically attractive in her appearance, maybe it’s a gift of card readings that she received from her grandmothers or gypsy aura around her, but giving the recent popularity of a not-so-popular-before girl style we can say that Vlada is trendy among any men in Istanbul.
She is a wise advisor and sometimes notices small things that usually go unnoticed with leads to clients wanting to take her on a business meetings as VIP Istanbul escort, letting a dinner slowly transform into a passionate night of love affair. Vlada has a good training in that field also, studying various sexual techniques and experimenting in bed, she knows very well how to please a man in bed and receive contentment herself. She is very open minded escort, free of social borderlines loving a person despite the sex gender, this lead her to some erotic practicing with her girlfriends.
Another of her hobbies despite menage trios include writing short stories that getting published semi regularly in periodic, her favorite theme is of course love in all of its forms, most of which ends up being a tragically interfered – something that Vlada afraid of happening in real life. She’s also reading lots of poetry sweet quotes from it she will whisper to your ear in bed before sleep. Do not take Vlada as this fragile girl, since she became Istanbul escort she’s constantly trying to get out of her shell and try new adventures like jumping with parachute or night bungee jumps.

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